Electrum-Dime Beta Launch: A New Era for Dimecoin

Dimecoin Network
4 min readMar 20, 2024

Dimecoin Developers are thrilled to announce the beta release of Electrum-Dime, a lightweight wallet designed to enhance the Dimecoin user experience.

The Electrum-Dime software represents a significant step forward for the project. The lightweight client eliminates the need to download the entire blockchain by connecting to an external ElectrumX-Dime server for transaction information. This means users will enjoy quick and efficient access to their dimecoins while maintaining the highest security standards, as their private keys remain securely in their control.

Beta Phase and Bounty Program

With the beta release, Electrum-Dime is inviting the community to participate in a bounty program to identify and resolve potential vulnerabilities not found during the internal testing phase. The bounty program underscores our commitment to security and quality, calling on developers and users to contribute to improving Electrum-Dime. By reporting issues, participants play an important role in enhancing the wallet’s security and functionality, ensuring a reliable and secure platform for managing Dimecoin.


Electrum-Dime will be available for most Windows, Linux, and Android users. We urge our community to verify the integrity of their downloads via our official GitHub repository using GnuPG (GPG). For those unsure how to verify via GPG, detailed instructions will be provided in the Release Notes on GitHub. GPG verification is a way to check the authenticity of Electrum-Dime files you download and ensures the version you are using has not been tampered with.

Rewards and Schedule

Our bounty program is designed to incentivize the discovery and reporting of bugs across all supported platforms. With a structured reward system based on the severity of the issues identified, our goal is to drive community engagement and be proactive with beta testing to ensure a smooth alpha release. Contributors who identify vulnerabilities and propose viable solutions will receive additional rewards, highlighting the value of collaborative problem-solving.

To incentivize the discovery and reporting of bugs in the Electrum-Dime clients on Windows, Linux, and Android so we can enhance the overall security and user experience of using the application.


  • Bugs and vulnerabilities in the Electrum-Dime client software for Windows, Linux, and Android versions.
  • Issues must be previously unreported and unknown to the Dimecoin development team.
  • Security vulnerabilities, functional bugs, and critical performance issues.

Out of Scope

  • Issues in third-party libraries or dependencies not directly maintained by Dimecoin Developers, unless they directly affect the Electrum-Dime client.
  • Website, translations, or documentation errors.
  • Issues that have already been submitted by another user or are already known to the project team.


Rewards will be based on the severity of the reported issues. Severity is assessed around the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS 3.0), ensuring a standardized evaluation of impact and urgency. The reward tiers are as follows:

  • Critical Vulnerabilities: Up to 15,000,000 DIME
  • High Severity Vulnerabilities: Up to 10,000,000 DIME
  • Medium Severity Vulnerabilities: Up to 5,000,000 DIME
  • Low Severity Vulnerabilities: Up to 1,000,000 DIME

The final reward amounts and payout dates are subject to the discretion of the Dimecoin Developers. We will take into account the complexity, impact, and quality of the vulnerability report for each issue. This structure aims to compensate contributors for their efforts and insights in a manner that is as fair as possible.

Grading System

The grading system is based on the severity of issues discovered in the Electrum-Dime client software. Examples:

  1. Critical: Vulnerabilities that enable remote code execution, significant data loss, or unauthorized access to funds without user interaction.
  2. High: Issues that may compromise user privacy, lead to loss of funds under certain conditions, or require user interaction for exploitation.
  3. Medium: Vulnerabilities that can cause a denial of service, significantly degrade performance, or allow unauthorized access to non-critical data.
  4. Low: Minor issues that have a negligible impact on the application’s security and user experience but are contrary to best practices.

Additional Rewards for Solutions

To further encourage proactive contributions, additional rewards are available for participants who not only identify vulnerabilities but also provide viable solutions:

  • Critical Issue: Standard reward + 200% bonus
  • High Level Issue: Standard reward + 100% bonus
  • Medium Level Issue: Standard reward + 80% bonus
  • Low Level Issue: Standard reward + 65% bonus

Solution Submission Guidelines

Contributions should adhere to high code quality standards, including readability, efficiency, and maintainability. Solutions must be submitted as pull requests on GitHub and completed with tests demonstrating the issue’s resolution without introducing new vulnerabilities.

Reporting and Participation

Participants are encouraged to report issues through GitHub to remain as fair and transparent as possible. Closed communication is advised for sensitive or critical security issues. All reports should include a detailed description of the issue, steps to reproduce, and any relevant screenshots or logs. If you need to contact any of the Dimecoin Developers you can find them in our Telegram or Discord channels, links at the end of the article.

Final Thoughts

As we look ahead, the Dimecoin Developers working on Electrum-Dime are excited to engage with the community. We are committed to continuous improvement from the feedback and are dedicated to delivering a wallet that serves the needs of our user base.

Your support and contributions are a major factor to our success. Thank you for being part of the project and helping make a brighter future for Dimecoin. Together, we will continue to build a secure, efficient, and inclusive digital ecosystem.

We have yet to determine how long the beta phase will last. The end of the beta phase will be determined based on participation rate and the time it takes to handle any issues that may be reported. You can grab the Electrum-Dime beta software from our Github here:

For those not participating with the beta software and will be waiting for the official alpha release, stay tuned for the release announcement!

Important Links

Web: https://www.dimecoinnetwork.com
X: https://twitter.com/Dimecoin
Telegram: t.me/Dimecoin
Discord: discord.gg/JqcKF4v
GitHub: https://github.com/dime-coin