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3 min readMay 27, 2019


The Dimecoin Network team realizes that for Dimecoin (DIME) and cryptocurrency to be successful, a requirement for a strong and active community who supports efforts in achieving mass adoption is necessary. It will be essential to bring people together from around the world to help support the initiative, raise awareness, and educate those around them. To help increase Dimecoin’s brand awareness and further the crypto industry, Dimecoin Network has put together an Ambassador program. This program will not only reward those already going above and beyond for the project, but will also provide incentive and enhance motivation for others to get involved.

Further, as Dimecoin Network prepares for the introduction of its new consensus mechanism, we will be looking for talented individuals to assist with a range of tasks. Not only do we want to have the best team surrounding the project, but we also want to create a community that is as dedicated and passionate as we are. Together, we can help bring Dimecoin awareness and be unstoppable!

Become a Dimecoin Community Ambassador!

Ambassadors are members of the community who will represent Dimecoin professionally and positively. These community members will go the extra mile to grow the community, engage with others, and ultimately help increase brand awareness.

Here are some examples of how Ambassadors would assist with helping increase awareness:

  • Content creation: Create compelling, informative and technical articles relating to Dimecoin and Dimecoin products
  • Translations: Help translate information posted to improve visibility (press releases, web pages, updates, etc.)
  • Administrators: Help moderate and promote the Dimecoin region-specific social media groups to drive interest and engagement.
  • Organize local meet-ups: Get your local communities involved, organize, and attend local meet-ups to help spread and bring awareness to the crypto industry and Dimecoin.
  • Brainstorming: Come up with fresh ideas for events and campaigns.

Why does becoming an Ambassador benefit me?

  • Early access to product launches, beta testing, etc.
  • First access to any potential job opportunities
  • Become Ambassador of the Month. Each month an Ambassador will be chosen for their dedicated service to the community. As a token of appreciation, the Ambassador of the Month will receive a gift package. **
  • Develop connections and networking opportunities
  • Become part of the movement to bring mass adoption to not only Dimecoin but also for the entire crypto industry!

How to become a Dimecoin Ambassador?

Submit a short essay to which answers the following two(2) questions: Why do you feel you qualify as an Ambassador? What would you do to help promote Dimecoin and raise awareness?

Become part of the Dimecoin Core Team

Dimecoin Network is also looking to expand its talented group of core team members. These positions include but are not limited to: developers, marketing leads and specialists, sales leads, business developers, and advisers. There are several prerequisites for these positions; you must be professional, have proven industry experience, be passionate, and be able to work well with others.

The crypto and blockchain industry is new and continuously evolving. We are always open to individuals who feel they have valuable skills to offer. Anyone interested in joining our core team, please email for inquiry.

** Each Ambassador of the month will receive a gift for their efforts (gift package subject to change)
**Currently, all community positions are volunteer-based and advertised as unpaid.